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3 Best Ways to Transfer Money Between Banks

Are you looking for a way to transfer money from one bank to another bank without any risks?? If yes, then you are in the right page. In this article, you can find the simple methods to transfer money from one bank to another through online effortlessly.



As the emergence of Digital India, many of us need to know about the online transaction. To facilitate the Digital India movement, and to be very quick, now electronic fund transfer becomes the most popular one among many of us.

To transfer money online from one to other accounts online, you have to add and approve the payee for one time. When the bank sanctions the beneficiary, you can transfer the money from anywhere at any time. Here are the simple ways to transfer money from one bank to another bank electronically.

1. Bank To Bank Transfer:

If you have accounts on two different banks, then bank to bank transfer is the best option. This is the easiest way if both bank accounts are in your name.  (For Ex:- SBI Account to Any other Bank by using SBI IFSC code).

2. Online Payment Apps & Tools:

There are several apps and tools are available to send money to somebody else. Some of the popular apps are as follows:

  • Square Cash

  • Google Wallet

  • Chase Quickpay

  • Venmo

  • Pop Money

3. Wire Transfer:

Wire Transfer is the best way to transfer money from one bank account to another bank account through a cash to cash. (with IFSC SBI code and account numbers).


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